Neda Lotfi

Account Manager

Started with Blackjack:

Key Skills/Experience:
Having worked for Blackjack for over 7 years my Journey commenced as a student training to be a Psychological Therapist at University. After a few years of exciting work across our experiential and Travel retail field, I joined the Operations Management Team where I had the opportunity to oversee the production of all operational activities across Heathrow Airport and to build on my management and Interpersonal skills. After 3 years I then moved across to work at the head office for a new adventure in the world of Contentainment/Events and Staffing.

Dancing, Yoga, Reading

Animals, traveling, meeting new people and Sunny days

Seafood, negativity and unkind people

What was your first impression of Blackjack?
Super fun and creative company!

A special moment at Blackjack… 
Oh there has been many… being promoted to work as part of the Operations Team to then join the head office.

What is a typical day at Blackjack like?

One thing you probably did not know about me is…
I can’t Swim! (I know it’s shameful)

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