Leadership insight
Activating with confidence

By Fiona Rayner
Leadership insight

Collaboration and storytelling will always be at the heart of successful eventing and promotions. As we emerge from lockdown 3.0, anticipation of the recovery ahead is almost tangible but with many businesses focusing on a digital revolution, it’s important we pause to consider the role of people in our new normal.

We acknowledge and support the incredibly important role that Brand Ambassadors will play in rebuilding confidence, driving sales and hosting memorable experiences as the industries we work in come back to life.

It’s going to feel strange. We are all used to utilising our senses when it comes to shopping and attending events. Whether it’s tasting the latest brand of gin at a festival, testing a new fragrance in the airport, or trying out a new appliance in our favourite shopping mall, consumers just love to experience products and services first-hand. Our responsibility as agencies, brands and retailers is to devise safe and compelling ways of making this happen as we navigate ever changing guidelines.

In my view, retailers, brands and agencies need to work collaboratively to achieve a new standard of in-store experience and consider how it is possible to tap into other senses like sound and storytelling. By this I mean using brand ambassadors in a more compelling way – totally immersing them into a brand’s identity, giving them unparalleled access to brand stories so these can be relayed and brought to life in fascinating and original ways in person.

Is it possible to achieve ‘compelling’ and ‘immersive’ with confidence levels in being rebuilt and heightened considerations for our safety? If we all work together, yes. This is the most important path to success and this means getting everyone on the same page – respecting, understanding and taking a safe, confident approach to eventing and promotions.

Training is key to this. Our ‘Be Ready’ campaign takes the key principles of social distancing, good hygiene and how to effectively care for and wash your face mask, so our employees are prepared and ready to get back to work safely. We are using the Blackjack iCademy to communicate vital safety briefings directly to our staff working in Heathrow, Westfield and Dublin. This means our team members are ready to hit the shop floor when it’s the right time.

We provide highly trained, knowledgeable ambassadors, who are equipped with the correct PPE, training and safety guidance. If you are working with a staffing partner in events, promotions or retail, you want to know they are preparing their team adequately – no compromises.

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