Why advertising on London station departure boards will become the next big thing

By Will Northover, Client Services Manager, Blackjack Promotions

For brands looking to escape cluttered and stale marketing channels such as TV and press, then a new and eye-catching option is advertising your brand on station digital departure boards.

Two of the first brands to trial such experiential activity were Amnesty International and the promoters of the new X-Men film: both of whom generated heaps of PR coverage.

As a piece of experiential marketing, advertising on departure boards ticks all the boxes and more: it delivers a live brand experience which engages and encourages the public to interact with the brand.

Virgin Media used station departure boards across the country to promote its partnership with the forthcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Nestled between actual train departure times, the promotion reads: ‘Wolverine boarding, calling at Xavier, Magneto, Beast, Storm, Iceman, Mystique and Wolverine.’

The promotion also saw Wolverhampton station temporarily re-named ‘Wolverine’.

Just days earlier, Amnesty International set up its own special departure boards displaying the names of prisoners of conscience from all over the world – and asking for commuters’ help to free them.

Crucially, the activity was fully interactive, so the boards also give details on how commuters can text to help secure the prisoners’ release. Supporters who send a text will have their name displayed on one of the departure boards.

Tapping into commuters during rush hour in such a novel way holds mass appeal for brand. So expect brands to jump on this new and exciting form of experiential quickly. This is experiential at its best!