4 Tips for Successful Training in the Luxury Travel Retail Industry

Selling luxury brands in the duty-free world is a different proposition to selling them in high-end stores on Bond Street, Fifth Avenue or the Champs-Élysées. For sales staff, success requires a different set of skills – and their training has to reflect those differences.

While customers browsing the shelves of the luxury retailers in airports like Heathrow may not be “wealthy,” they will almost certainly have money to spend, and they are in a mindset to spend it. Research shows that air travelers, whether flying for pleasure or on business, are in a receptive buying state. Shoppers in airport luxury outlets want to feel special – and that’s where sales training, focused on soft skills, comes in.

Successful selling in the airport luxury arena is all about creating an experience. Everything should be personal and even sensory. Obviously, product quality and the way items are displayed are important, but so, too, is the way staff interact with people. You’ll only have the best staff if you provide the best training. Here’s what training for duty-free luxury sales staff should focus on.

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