People: where brands become human

We share compelling stories and create memorable moments for brands; unrivalled experiences which increase loyalty and deliver return on your investment. And it all starts by matching the right people to your campaign.

Part of your team, part of your brand

We care deeply about building teams who not only live and breathe service excellence, but also become an extension of your team.

From outdoor events to personal customer experiences, people make the difference. A smile, a moment of genuine care… human connections really mean something. We recruit, train and engage our people to deliver exactly that.

In fact, where most companies have brand values, we have people values. Behaviours which come naturally and make someone 100% Blackjack.

  • Get stuck in, not stuck
  • Don’t just talk, listen
  • Say ‘we’, not me
  • Don’t just commit, deliver
  • Always find a smile
  • Put your heart and soul into every brand

Hiring the right attitude

By understanding our clients and their values, we always identify the right individuals. Our proven casting and selection methods ensure our team emulates the unique identity of your brand.

Coaching and developing

At every level, we believe learning never stops. We foster raw talent and invest in our people, with coaching, mentorship, and tailored training that builds confidence and skills.

Specialist expertise

Nurturing talent and aligning our training programs with your values creates true experts. From retail professionals to brand advocates, we foster a culture built on client collaboration and customer care.

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