Edita Galdikiene

ID administrator

Started with Blackjack:
February 2017

Key Skills/Experience:
Cooking and baking

Mountain hiking, knitting, interior decoration

Travelling, cooking, reading


What was your first impression of Blackjack?
Relaxed but at the same time hard working staff, modern office, friendly people

A special moment at Blackjack… 
Christmas card making together with everyone

What is a typical day at Blackjack like?
Replying to emails, looking through the tracker, chasing references, sending emails, replying to emails, phone calls again, emails again, updating tracker, phone calls and emails and everything again from beginning.

One thing you probably did not know about me is…
I have 2 Sphynx cats. I know so much about this breed’s character that I consult other people who have Sphynx cats

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