Manpreet Doowa

Staffing Executive (Retail/ Experiential)

Started with Blackjack:
September 2016 – Brand Ambassador
July 2019 – Staffing Executive

Key Skills/Experience:
Strong communication, analytical and organisation skills. Enjoy solving puzzles and very data-orientated kind of person.
Loves to take on a challenge and attempt to deliver more than expected.

Binge-watching Netflix Shows
Online Shopping – ASOS to be specific

Organising/ Re-organising – Find it Therapeutic


What was your first impression of Blackjack?
Very integrated, supportive and friendly team. Very intense environment due to the nature of work.

A special moment at Blackjack… 
When we have experiential work and see our events come to life and have an amazing outcome due to the staff we use.

What is a typical day at Blackjack like?
If there is no two same days at the airport, so it would be no different for the staffing team in the office.

One thing you probably did not know about me is…
I have family in Russia.

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