Robyn Freeman

Senior Liquor Account Manager

Started with Blackjack:
December 2017

Key Skills/Experience:
I’ve been in travel retail for over 14 years, mainly working for World Duty Free. Within that time I’ve worked in many different roles from Retail Manager in stores, across all departments and as a Beauty Buyer. I have a great understanding for customer service and account/brand management.

My kids and drinking gin (have I got that the right way round!)


Not having any gin

What was your first impression of Blackjack?
A fun-filled and crazy business

A special moment at Blackjack… 
Having to do the walk of shame to HR in my first week to collect my personal post from the office post tray! It’s really frowned upon to mix personal and business post!

What is a typical day at Blackjack like?
Check the diary, have a chamomile tea (I haven’t turned to drinking gin during the day, yet!), eat some porridge and go! Visiting the teams in stores, client meetings, phone calls, quoting, invoicing for activations and of course lots of smiling and laughing!

One thing you probably did not know about me is…
Well if you haven’t read the above, I’m a gin lover!

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