Rosetta Stone joins with Blackjack to support TOTALe launch

Leading language learning software maker Rosetta Stone has teamed up with Blackjack Promotions to support the launch of its latest language learning software solution, TOTALe.

The company was keen to raise awareness of its new product launch and engage more directly with its target audience – ABC1 UK citizens aged 25 to 45.

It also wanted to create a promotional activity that would support its above the line media campaign across TV, press and tube adverts.
The activity, which took place on the 12th May, saw Blackjack distribute 20,000 branded Oyster Card wallets to an ABC1 25+ audience, as well as handing out leaflets at London’s Liverpool Street and Waterloo stations.

The agency also set up a similar activity in London’s Westfield shopping centre where they were handing out branded sweets and driving traffic to the ‘Rosetta Stone Language Café’ in Westfield for further information.

Commenting on the activity, Blackjack’s sales and marketing director, Jaron Wikler said:
“While this appears a fairly standard promotional activity, the awareness generated from these campaigns has been excellent, demonstrating the power of supporting your above the line activity with something that helps you get your product messages out much more directly to your target audience.

We look forward to working with Rosetta Stone on their next project.”