Blackjack teamed up with Escada to promote their two new fragrances, Taj Sunset and Especially Escada. Taj Sunset is the vibrant new summer limited edition fragrance with a sweet and smooth scent that encompasses the exoticism of a summer in Goa with tropical mango and velvety coconut cream. Especially Escada is a new floral scent for spontaneous and glamorous women, inspired by morning dew on a rose

Blackjack and Proctor and Gamble created an Indian Wedding ceremony in T5 to celebrate and promote these two new scents. There was an amazing atmosphere around the ceremony, passengers stopped to observe and test the new fragrances. Other Blackjack staff were donned in saris distributing samples of the fragrances and handing out traditional Indian sweets. The event was a great success and has brought a great deal of exposure to Escada’s new scents!