Colourfultaste Sampling activity

Dates of activity: 22/08 – 24/08 2014

Blackjack worked with Colourfultaste at Westfield, Stratford for some cooking, sampling and tasting of their healthy Peppers!

The Colourfultaste campaign aims to stimulate young families to eat more sweet peppers. Our staff members were required to distribute fresh samples and encourage customers to taste the peppers. They also communicated the health benefits and raised awareness of peppers as a healthy snack. Recipe booklets, information leaflets and fun temporary tattoos were distributed with the aim to create a positive attitude towards Peppers.

We provided a team of 4 proactive, approachable and effective brand ambassadors to support the Colourfultaste chef onsite, who along with one of our staff members, helped cook and prepare the peppers at the event.

Results: 5,000 pepper samples were distributed, 3,600 booklets distributed and 100 tattoos distributed.

“I never know what to do with peppers when I buy them – hopefully this has given me some delicious new ideas!”

“I’m really trying to get the kids to eat more vegetables, this is a great idea”

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