Interflora Mother’s Day

Interflora’s approach to Mother’s Day involved a technological twist this year as they took to 4 of London’s busiest stations to spread the news of their 10% off flowers offer. Blackjack were called upon to provide a fantastic on site team and ran the project throughout it’s duration.

Our brand ambassadors were trained in the use of QR codes on different phone models and in the full details of the promotion before the activity went live. During the activity, they approached passengers vocalising the key messages, distributing postcards with printed QR codes and explaining the promotion. On several mornings, they were joined by Mercury Man, a dressed up character who gave out free roses, creating further exposure and a buzz around the activity.

Due to the large scale nature of the stand, Blackjack recruited security staff to man the site overnight to protect its components and adhere to station regulations. Rigger’s were also required. They were responsible for dismantling and erecting the stand from location to location overnight.

Dates: 8th – 17th March 2012

Our Team: Riggers x 2, Overnight Security x 2, Brand Ambassadors x 4 (with a +3 uplift for the last 2 stations)

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