Groupon to use Blackjack and Vizkey for connected Field Marketing

Social commerce phenomenon is working alongside Visible Computing and Blackjack Promotions to launch a unique campaign to drive people to sign up to its website.

Although the activity looks like a standard and traditional leaflet distribution campaign, the Groupon handouts actually contain a special technology called a Vizkey. This is a small USB device that can be plugged into any standard Windows-based PC to take the user directly to the registration area of the Groupon website where they will be encouraged to register for the company’s regular group discount alerts.

Vizkey, which has been created and patented by Visible Computing, provides an all-in-one integrated campaign solution that takes customers directly to a selected website, granting them immediate access to exclusive and personalised content. Crucially, it also allows companies to track the number of people redeeming the offer and captures key consumer information and the unique ID numbers of the Vizkeys themselves.

The campaign event will be taking place around London’s Liverpool Street station in March, and will initially run as a one-day trial to test the click-through rate that can be achieved, with a view to rolling out the activity across other locations later in the year. The core target audience will be female consumers in the ABC1 categories aged between 25 and 44.

The activity will be supported by Blackjack’s promotional staff who will be fully trained in the use of Vizkey and will be on hand to explain to consumers how the USB device works.

Commenting on the activity, Blackjack’s sales and marketing director, Jaron Wikler said: “Vizkey is a fantastic tool which will really help us to prove the return on investment for Groupon’s campaign. Every Vizkey device is traceable, which means that all consumer activity can be analysed to see the click-through rate that the leaflets have supplied. Visible Computing is predicting a 20% redemption rate so we are expecting to see some good results from this campaign and we’re really keen to see this technology in action.”

Jason Greenspan, managing director of Visible Computing, added: “This is a great opportunity for us to show the effectiveness of Vizkey. It’s a really unique piece of technology that encourages the user to go online and points them directly to the Groupon website for registration. This minimises waste and makes that all-important link between handing out a leaflet to the customer and them actually acting on it.

“Partnering with the staffing and promotions experts Blackjack Promotions was a natural choice for us as they completely understand the importance of what we are trying to achieve and provide the best service for our needs.”

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