Samsung supply and support the TV’s at all Heathrow gate rooms and departure lounges in order to showcase their LCD and Plasma TV products and brand.

Metro-Logistics are responsible for the maintenance and first level technical support for the Samsung TV’s and network within Heathrow airport. We act upon Samsung’s behalf to report all faults of TV’s and network, order stock as required, book repairs and feedback any general findings whilst on site. Metro-Logistics are also responsible for coordinating and supervising any 2nd level technical requirements at site. We have also been consulted by BAA on the process flow chart procedure and the roll out of BAA’s Maximo system with our recommendations being implemented into the system. We now feed reports directly into the Maximo system.

Value Reporting

£90K monitoring 140 sites across all Heathrow Terminals. Weekly reporting of technical faults into BAA’s Maximo system. Weekly reports including media credits to all stakeholders and KPI results. KPI’s are measured against overall appearance of the TV and units, together with speed at which faults are reported into the Maximo system. Signal downtime target is set at <10%.


Metro-Logistics are now included in the clients bimonthly review team set up to ensure the high level of service required for the Samsung brand.

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