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Pick a card, any card: How Exact challenged the status quo

We helped Dutch business software provider Exact take its brand mission “challenge the status quo” to a whole other level recently with a one-day experiential campaign at London Waterloo Station involving some Dare cards, a walking machine and a magician… Intrigued?

The campaign was an extension of the brand’s wider ‘Dare to Do’ campaign, in which it encourages entrepreneurial doers who want to improve, change and grow their business.

Working with Talon and PHD Media, we provided a costume character in the shape of the ‘Do something vigorous today’ machine, who dared customers to do something out of the ordinary by dispensing a range of ‘Dare to…’ cards – which the general public acted out, there and then.

Some examples of the Dare cards included: ‘Swap lunch with someone’, ‘Buy a cup of coffee for someone you’ve never met’, ‘Pitch your new business idea in 1 minute’, ‘Do a handstand’, ‘Whistle your favourite song to raise a smile’, and many many more.

A magician (and four of our brand ambassadors) were also on hand to show off a range of tricks with the dare cards to keep the audience engaged throughout the day. The best part of it all? Everything was captured on film and the results were amazing. Check out the video below:


Exact is all about ‘challenging the status quo’ so it really needed something that would stand out and raise awareness of the brand. With a walking machine, a magician and the general public acting out their ‘Dare cards’ in the station, this campaign definitely hit the nail on the head.

Passers by couldn’t resist stopping by to check out what was going on and were keen to get in on the action for a chance to win a smartwatch.

By Natalie Riches, Senior Account Director, Blackjack Promotions