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Retail Summit 2019 Reflections: “A ‘bottom up’ approach to creating culture”

“Leadership needs to take part and lead the culture change through a bottom up approach”, according to Hans-Christian Meyer, CEO of Tiger of Sweden, speaking at a recent panel discussion at The Retail Summit, held at The Atlantis in Dubai.

Chaired by Antony Marke, Group Managing Director of OmniServ Ltd and Blackjack Promotions, the panel session titled ‘Developing A Winning Company Culture’ was comprised of Meyer, along with Asil Attar, CEO of Damas Jewellery and Kristina Karlsson, Founder & Creative Director of Kikki.k.

The three companies openly shared their practical experiences around hiring the right employees, building a culture that enables teams to thrive, instilling a winning mindset and defining the global consumer experience.

Meyer spoke about how when it comes to creating company culture, it takes time but he stressed that heritage is necessary initially. Meanwhile, for Kikki’k’s Karlsson company culture is about everyone being aligned and encouraged to live their best life everyday. She mentioned four key words to live by: Dreaming, doing, enjoying and sharing.

Echoing Meyer’s initial sentiment, Damas Jewellery’s Attar said it’s about “empowerment and passion” and “emotionally engaging” with her team: “Leadership must represent themselves within the community and set the tone through social responsibility. We must energise the ‘frontline’ – show the senior leadership’s softer side, having fun and engaging with teams and celebrating cultural diversity.”

“When you operate across various countries, you must hire the right leaders who understand the company culture and can draw parallels with the local culture,” said Karlsson. “Your team MUST believe in the product and company values.”