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Travellers licenced to kill time at T5

To coincide with the UK release of Spectre, the new James Bond movie, Aurum Group has launched a Heathrow Terminal 5 pop-up shop for Omega watches, which 007 has been sporting on his wrist for 20 years.

Such a special promotion made it essential for Aurum Group to recruit the best-trained and knowledgeable staff, therefore specially selected and trained – but not licenced to kill – members of the Blackjack Promotions team are on hand to provide timely advice, assistance and to support the Watches of Switzerland team.

We’re delighted that our sales specialists were chosen for the Omega pop-up, located opposite Watches of Switzerland’s existing T5 store and it will be open for several months from September until the end of 2015.

It shows not only that we can offer retailers support when their footprint increases for events such as pop up shops but also that we provide staff with fantastic sales skills and customer service ability to work with a luxury brand such as this.

By Kay Walker, Account Manager, Luxury, Confectionery, WDFG & Airport Retailers at Blackjack Promotions