Velociraptors gone wild in Jurassic Waterloo

Picture this. There you are making your daily train commute into London Waterloo on a Monday morning – and as if things couldn’t get any worse, you arrive at the station to find none other than four velociraptors on the loose, having broken free from a shipping container – with the words ‘Danger! Predatory Livestock’ etched on the side. But before you start thinking you’ve fallen asleep on the train and have woken up in some sort of nightmare, you haven’t.

You’ve just entered Jurassic World…

We are so excited to have been involved in such an incredible activation. It’s all part of a world-first campaign from Universal Pictures UK and JCDecaux, having transformed the entire central London station into the Jurassic World theme park to build anticipation for the new movie release.

As part of the wider effort, our team of brand ambassadors took on the role of park rangers and became trained handlers responsible for taming the beasts that be Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie – life-size 3D models of the movie’s raptors.

In addition to ensuring no passengers were in danger from the beasts (I’m joking, of course) our ambassadors distributed detailed maps of the station, so that commuters were able to experience Jurassic World to the fullest. Passengers were also encouraged to take pictures of themselves with the raptors and tweeted to the big screen using the hashtag #Jurassic Waterloo.

To add an extra layer of anticipation to the campaign before hand, the giant, unbranded, metal crate was deployed on the station concourse late Friday evening, prior to the Monday morning launch, which aroused interest from travellers who could only hear a series of ominous noises.

If only every Monday morning could be as fun-filled as this…

To find out more about the campaign, be sure to head over to the JCDecaux website for a full round-up of activities, videos and more: http://www.jcdecaux.co.uk/jurassicwaterloo.

By Katie Pacifici, Senior Account Manager, Blackjack Promotions