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Who knew pepper sampling could be so much fun?

By Natalie Riches, Senior Account Manager, Blackjack Promotions

What do you get when you take a load of colourful peppers, some inspirational recipe leaflets, a food stand and a dedicated chef on hand to prepare some delicious samples? Colourfultaste, of course.

Well that’s exactly what we did between August 22-24 when Colourfultaste touched down at Westfield Stratford, bringing its nutritional, tasty peppers to the Great Eastern Kitchen. Blackjack Promotions’ staff were there to help hand out pepper samples, all part of Colourfultaste’s drive aimed at raising awareness of the health benefits of peppers and stimulating interest in young families to eat more sweet peppers.

Not only did we provide thousands of recipe leaflets and booklets outlining the health benefits of peppers, but we engaged customers by giving out around 5,000 pepper samples, prepared on site by Colourful Taste’s own dedicated chef.

The reaction was incredible – the stand drew lots of attention and we didn’t have a single pepper left over at the end of the three days. Moreover, around 50% of the consumers passing by the stand stopped by for more information or to ask questions about peppers. It was great to see the variety of customers coming to visit the stand – in particular parents with young children.

Also, our staff weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty over the three days, taking on a variety of roles from helping to chop and cook the vegetables, and cleaning up. Just another one of the many services Blackjack has to offer…