Corporate Hospitality at International Tennis Championships

Corporate Hospitality at International Tennis Championships

The brief

As a major sponsor of (arguably) the best tennis tournament in the world, our client needed a team of up-beat and confident brand ambassadors to help activate their sponsorship at the venue and the major train stations that service it. Branded radios were to be distributed to spectators at all locations, and our client required hosts for a guest lounge for their existing customers and a VIP area for their corporate guests.

This was the first time this tournament had run since the COVID-19 pandemic, and so expectations were high regarding the safety of our team, their interactions with members of the public, and the flexibility to accommodate unexpected changes to the experiences or the availability of staff.

The Blackjack response

Over the course of five weeks we sourced, trained and on-boarded 50 brand ambassadors for the two-week event, delivering more than 6,000 hours of customer-facing brand experience. We provided a team stationed at all four of the locations, who were responsible for managing the branded radios, welcoming guests to the lounge and the VIP area, helping operate selfie kiosks in the guest lounge, and ensuring the safe and accurate data capture of customers.

We trained all staff members in all aspects of the role across the four locations to allow us the flexibility to rotate the team as needed.

Our favourite moment

The viewing area from the client’s guest lounge overlooking the entire venue took our team’s (and the guests’) breath away! Beautiful!

The outcome

The hosting of all four sites was a huge success, with guests remarking on the quality of the brand ambassadors and how safe and secure they felt visiting the guest lounge and the VIP area. Blackjack HQ ensured all sites were fully manned at all times despite challenges with COVID isolation rules, so much so that our team handed out more branded radios than on any previous year. What a smashing result.

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