Elite Brand Advocates

Elite Brand Advocates

The brief

Collaborating with some of the spirits industry’s leading brands to create dedicated teams of highly knowledgeable, well managed and motivated experts to represent a brand at the point of sale is a mission that we have delivered time and time again.

Individuals that are required to live and breathe a brand and its values, storytelling and delivering an exceptional and memorable brand experience to passengers travelling through UK airports.

Travel retail offers a global stage, where ‘people buy from people’. Creating a dedicated team of elite sales ambassadors will increase brand awareness, drive growth and deliver return on investment.

The Blackjack response

Understanding our clients and their values means that when sourcing a team, we know that in many cases, they will become part of the brand’s family, and so we are looking for the right chemistry.

Destination targeting and our understanding of shopper profiles play a vital role when creating a team in an international airport environment.

Using the Blackjack recruitment hub, along with our deep understanding of people, matching skills and personality, we can find someone who believes in the brand, but who the brand can also believe in. It all starts with the recruitment process.

Along with brand led immersive training, Blackjack provides luxury sales training through Penny Blake Associates, succeeding in the luxury arena, along with continuous day to day coaching and support from our field management teams.

Our favourite moment

Supporting the idea of ‘careers not jobs’ means that whenever one of our team is given the opportunity to work directly for a brand it makes us incredibly proud.

The outcome

The most successful ambassador programs are created when a brand is committed to the long-term investment of the team, where their achievements are rewarded with visits to the brands prestigious production sites around the world. The result is a team who return to the shop floor as expert storytellers, as well as recruiting advocates for the brands that they represent and they themselves are invested and believe in. Ultimately providing an elevated customer experience to all who they interact with.

Let’s get to work

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