Promotional Video for Euston Railway Station
Euston Wi-Fi Launch

Promotional Video for Euston Railway Station

The brief

Blackjack was requested to storyboard, shoot and edit a promotional video that showcased the new free Wi-Fi service available at Euston station. The video needed to engage current and recurring visitors to the station but also attract new visitors who were looking for a space to travel, eat lunch and meet socially after work.

The Blackjack response

Blackjack’s creative team hosted a planning session to script and storyboard the video with the client team and provided full production on location, including all sound and provision of equipment. Once filming was complete, the edit was assembled in the studio through post-production, making sure that all information needing visual representation with graphics was included.

Our favourite moment

Facilitating interviews with key speakers and representatives of our client.

The outcome

A 3-minute promotional video that was shared internally and across social media networks to promote the newly launched service at Euston station.

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